Infinity Bracelet - Mint & Dream
infinity bracelet
Infinity Bracelet - Mint & Dream
Infinity Bracelet - Mint & Dream
Infinity Bracelet - Mint & Dream

Infinity Bracelet

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Infinity bracelet is a popular and fashionable trend that has been largely growing due to its beautiful meanings and elegant look. It makes a great addition to any type of outfit and can add a sentimental touch to your style. The infinity symbol is like a sideways figure of eight. 

The infinity can symbolise its more modern interpretation of eternity and everlasting love. However, to others their connection to the infinity draws from its ancient understanding as the symbol of perfection, duality and empowerment.

It is a representation of something endless, like a love or connection. With the two circles inter-connecting, each representing a side of the relationship, encompasses the idea of being ‘together forever’.

The infinity symbol can be drawn in one continuous movement and has neither a beginning nor an end. It holds with it the ideas of no limitations and infinite possibilities.


  • Material: Titanium Steel (Skin Friendly) & PU
  • Product Weight: 19g



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